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A discussion between Jason Loftus and Tomás García

Jason Loftus (Canada) and Tomás García (Argentina) will lead an exchange on the participation of new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to artistic creation. Their works in the audiovisual field affected by these tools will be the starting point for a critical reflection on the transformations and the impact they […]

Expressions of the African Diaspora

With Sukeina Ndiaye, Patricia Gomes, Julia Cohen Ribeiro, Emanuel Ntaka, Stefan Verna, Arnold Antonin Speaking of the diaspora is speaking of involuntary, forced displacements. The African diaspora had many destinations and is still an ongoing process today, consisting of several migration waves and numerous refugees. The story of Latin America is also the story of […]

Migrant feminisms

With Bruna Stamato, Patricia Bustamante Quintero, Aymara Choque, Claudia Vásquez Haro and Martha Orozco Feminisms have become a refuge for many of us, allowing us to create networks and groups where we belong, fight, work and support each other. Migrant women and trans identities have and build, within different feminisms, a crucial place to be […]