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Online workshop for human rights defenders and activists in Latin America

Theoretical and practical online workshop on freedom of speech, online censorship and cyber spying, delivered by Global Voices and Artists at Risk Connection. Investigators Carlos Flores and José Benítez, interviewed by Melissa Vida (Global Voices), will share their research methodology for the production analysis on narratives in digital authoritarianism processes, and surveillance and its justification […]

Black Cinema. History & Aesthetics

This lecture and workshop will address the history of Black Cinema from its beginning in the films of Oscar Micheaux in the US to the trailblazing work of Ousmane Sembene in Senegal to the recent achievements of Ava Duvernay.  The central question we will tackle is: What is Black Cinema? By looking for answers in […]

The creation process of a documentary film

By Javier Corcuera Andrino The workshop develops each one of the stages necessary for the construction of a documentary film. Javier Corcuera will screen a film on each class (La espalda del mundo, Invierno en Bagdad and La guerrilla de la memoria), which will allow him to discuss the technical, authorial or narrative solutions he […]