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International Feature Films Official Competition

Ernesto Ardito


He is one of the most important icons of Argentine documentary filmmaking. His films, including non-documentary ones, have won 65 international awards and have been screened in more than 120 film festivals throughout the world. He co-directed most of his works with Virna Molina.

Verónica Baracat


She’s the coordinator of the UN Women Country Program in Argentina. She has extensive experience in international organizations and networks of women’s rights defenders in Latin America and the Caribbean. She was part of the International Gender and Trade Network from 2003 to 2008. In Argentina’s public sector, she worked at the National Women’s Council, INADI and the National Secretariat of Human Rights.

King Catoy


He is a prolific and award-winning human rights filmmaker from the Philippines. He was one of the founding members of Southern Tagalog Exposure, an independent multimedia collective, and later executive director of Mayday Multimedia. He is currently the video lead of EngageMedia.

Tiziano Cruz


He is an interdisciplinary artist from the north of Argentina. As well as seeing his artwork as an object, he is also interested in developing situated experimentation; investigating the possibility of producing a new quotidian social field organization, a common subjectivity. He’s been working on a trilogy that overlaps his biography with South American communities’ collective memory since 2016.

Fernanda Rotondaro


Fernanda has worked in the audiovisual field for more than 25 years. She designed and directed Canal (á), Encuentro and Pakapaka. Fernanda was also part of the content development and direction team of the digital platform “” (Argentina Media System), which has been nominated and awarded in numerous festivals. Aside from working in the audiovisual field, she is also a creative writer and a performer.

International Short and Medium-Length Films Official Competition

Carolina Costas


An actress with training in acting and musical comedy. She has trained in the Actor’s Studio, Method acting, Chubbuck’s and Stanford Meisner’s technique, among others. She has been a  teacher and a trainer since 2005, focusing on screen acting and cast direction. She has worked in TV shows, movies, and musical theater, taking part in productions such as La Vida que me Parió, Santa Evita, El Encargado, and La Flor de la Canela.

Derek Dawidson


Born in Mar del Plata and based in Buenos Aires, he has been around the audiovisual world his whole life. He participated in film shoots since he was 8 years old in the production company formed by his brothers: Hermanos Dawidson Films, which he would later join.
He worked as a producer, assistant director, sound post-producer and audio and video editor. He is currently one of the curators of the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival.

Emanuel Ntaka


A musician, a producer and an anti-racist activist. Emanuel revindicates and actively fosters his African origins. He is a member of the Parlamento del Estado de la Diáspora Africana, SOAD and a founding member of the NGO Todos con Mandela. He works at the National Ministry of Culture within the Cultural Afro Program, working on participation, reflection and exchange.

Latin American Documentaries Official Competition

Mariana Arruti


Anthropologist and filmmaker. Director of Los Llamaban los Presos de Bragado (1995), La Huelga de los locos (2002), Trelew (2004), and El Padre (2016), which won numerous awards at national and international festivals. He also directed the short film Mate o Leche which is part of the film D-Humanos, and the series 24 en la lista co-directed with Ana Cacopardo for Canal Encuentro.

Juan Mascaró


He holds a degree in editing direction (ENERC, 2007). Journalist and documentarian. He teaches at the Film, Video and Television School of the National University of Tucumán. He made Arriba los que luchan, Jorge Masetti (2014), Bazán Frías, elogio del crimen (2019), and Escuela bomba (2020) among others. He is a member of the association Documentary Filmmakers of Argentina (DOCA).

Vanesa Perelló


Literature Professor. She is a political activist within the popular movement and the co-founder of Trans-TI, a social impact company whose aim is to include the trans+ collective in the workforce. In January, 2013, she moved to Trevelin, in the South of Argentina.

Andrea Testa


She is a film director and producer. Her films have participated in numerous international festivals such as Cannes and San Sebastian. Niña Mamá, her latest film, was recognized at the Sur Awards, granted by the Academy of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts. It has also been recognized with the top prize in its category at the prestigious HotDocs festival and won the Jury’s Special Mention at IDFA. She is a member of the Filmmakers Collective.

Melina Terribili


She is a director, screenwriter and cinematographer for documentary films. Her films have their premiere and participate in festivals and markets such as IDFA, Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Havana Festival, DocMontevideo, Walden Residencies, among others. He received the Silver Condor Award for Best Documentary for Ausencia de mí (2019).


Mercedes Durand


She holds a degree in audiovisual arts (UNLP). Producer, screenwriter, videographer and editor. Since 2019 she is a member of Cubo Cine where she has produced TV programs, video clips and short films such as La lombriz solitaria. La lombriz solitaria was part of the 23rd  Official Selection at BAFICI. At the same time, she was the general manager of the 2022 edition of the Festival de las Universidades Públicas REC.

Christian Mouroux


Producer, filmmaker, cultural manager, and teacher. He is the co-founder and director of Asociación Civil Creciente Cine Fértil (winner of the UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture in 2018), organizer of the LatinArab International Film Festival and the Latin Arab Co-Production Forum, among other cultural initiatives. In 2020, he released his first documentary feature, Espejos rotos, co-directed with Edgardo Bechara El Khoury.

Luciano Nacci


Born in Río Negro in 1990, he holds a degree in film and TV direction (CIEVYC) and in Audiovisual Arts Teaching (UNSAM). Awarded for his contribution to culture. In 2013 he founded the production company KM Sur, with which he has produced several TV shows and short films, many of which have received international recognition.

Signis Jury

María Victoria Aulet


María Victoria holds a degree in communication studies and a postgraduate degree in childhood, adolescence, and family policies. She’s a freelance writer for national print media outlets. She teaches at the High school and university level. She is also the socio-educational operator at the General Directorate of Juvenile Criminal Responsibility (Council for the Rights of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents, CABA).

Marcelo Fernández


A cinephile and an edu-communicator. He organizes Argentine film weeks and exhibitions in the city of Bahía Blanca. Between 2011 and 2016, he produced the Latin American Film Series for the Centre of Cinematographic Studies of Bahía Blanca and the National University of the South. He participated in a number of festivals as a jury member, including FICSUR (2017), the 38th Mar del Plata International Film Festival (2018), and BAFICI 2022, among others.

Facundo Kolovcevic


A producer and audiovisual creator. The documentaries Goro, el que mueve los hilos, (2021), awarded at Miradas Doc (Tenerife), and Malvinas, la guerra civil (2022), stand out among his work. He was the cinematographer for the short films Garúa (2005) and 34 puñaladas (2002).