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  • Feature Films Official Competition
  • Short and Medium-Length Films Official Competition
  • Documentary Films Official Competition
  • Young Jury
  • SIGNIS Jury
  • RAFMA Jury

International Feature Films Official Competition

María Nela Lebeque Hay

Born in Holguín, Cuba, she is a curator, a cultural manager and a researcher in cinema and visual arts. She is the founder and programmer of the exhibition Cine joven cubano en el Sur, which takes place in Montevideo and Buenos Aires since 2017. She is a member of the Laboratorio de cine at the Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo (FAC) in Montevideo. She programmed cinema sessions screened in Cuba, Uruguay and Argentina, as well as in many film festivals.

Pedro Lijerón Vargas


He is an Audiovisual Communication graduate from UNLP. He has worked along Jorge Sanjinés in Bolivian cinema. He produced the Bolivian documentary En el Murmullo del Viento (2019), directed by Nina Wara Carrasco. He is currently developing the project Estoy Buscando a mi Familia (Bolivia), by Viviana Mamani and Aires Patagónicos (Argentina) by Mario Silva. He was part of the FEISAL Jury at the Viña del Mar International Film Festival in 2020.

Claudia Rodríguez Valencia


She is a Social Communication graduate who has studied courses related to television, cinema, screenwriting and edition in Colombia and Italy. She is an advisor in the distribution, financing, co-production and internationalization areas. She runs workshops all over the world and coordinates the documentary labs AFROLATAM (Miradas Doc, Tenerife, Spain) and Plataforma Valencia (DOCs Valencia, Spain). She was part of the team of international tutors at the INCAA’s Incubator for Documentary Projects.

International Short and Medium-Length Films Official Competition

Sukina Aali-Taleb


Daughter of a Sahrawi father and a Galician mother, she was born in Madrid and she is a journalist and a Language and Literature teacher in public institutions there. She is a member of the writers collective Generación de la Amistad Saharaui and co-author of several poetry anthologies, including Ver Sahara 2016 and La primavera saharaui, los escritores saharauis con Gdeim Izik. Since 2013, she coordinates the El País newspaper cultural blog Y… ¿dónde queda el Sáhara?

Claudia Vázquez Haro


She is a transvestite-trans migrant activist. She is the President of OTRANS Argentina and a permanent member of Convocatoria Federal Travesti y Trans Argentina. She holds a PhD. In Social Communication from UNLP and she is a teacher and a researcher at Tres de Febrero University. She is the Sexual Diversity Director at the Journalism and Social Communication Faculty at UNLP. Also the director of the News Agency Sudaka TLGBI, she hosts Sudaka en Radio at AM 1270.

Stefan Verna


He is a Montreal based filmmaker. His deep interest in Hip Hop Culture, Black Cinema and Politics fuels his body of work. In 2016, he co-founded Black on Black Films, a collective for Black filmmakers in Quebec. He is presently completing NOMAD’S LAND: a documentary Rhyme, directing Night Watches Us at the NFB and in developing the feature film On Thin Ice with Loaded Pictures.

Latin-American Documentary Films Official Competition

Patricia Bustamante Quintero


She is a lawyer by UC (Chile) and a migrant anti-racist feminist. A student of a Master’s in Human Rights at UNLP, she holds a diploma degree in Gender Perspective and Applied Bioethics from UCh. She is a delegate in the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion. Born in Chile and a naturalized Argentinean citizen, she is currently a Director of Research against human trafficking and sexual integrity crimes at the Executive Power, Argentina.

Melina Sánchez Rincón


Born in Colombia, she is a migrant, bisexual and feminist politi- cal scientist. She was part of the Colombian consular brigade of humanitarian aid in Palestine and of the “Escuelita en Israel”. She has lived in Buenos Aires since 2007. She is currently part of the Comisión de Acompañamiento del Bloque de Trabajadorxs Migrantes, of “Villerxs Disidentes” and of the supporting team of Casa Roja, from the Sindicato de Trabajadorxs Sexuales de Argentina -AMMAR-.

Jenny Patricia Yallico Y.


Born in Guaranda, Ecuador, she is a communicator, a teach- er and a filmmaker. She is part of the Waranka people, of Kichwan nationality. She is an activist in the Ecuadorian indigenous movement Confederación de los Pueblos de la Nacionalidad Kichwa – ECUA- RUNARI. She is part of the Corporación de Productores Audiovis- uales de las Nacionalidades y Pueblos del Ecuador – CORPANP. She is a member of the board of the Asociación de Creadores del Cine y el Audiovisual de Pueblos y Nacionalidades ACAPANA.

Young Jury / Schools

Escuela Secundaria N° 54 Ernesto CHE Guevara

Virrey del Pino, La Matanza, Provincia de Buenos Aires
Curso 5ª A turno Vespertino

Group: Bulletproof energy

Overcoming obstacles and being nourished by lessons taught are abilities we acquire keeping an open mind and embracing knowledge. Self-improvement is a result of commitment and confidence, both individual and collective, transmitted as an example of our achievements and learning from mistakes. We complement our struggle with our involvement and openness, as good things come to those who wait.

Escuela Secundaria Nº1 Anexo 3011

Santo Domingo, Maipú, Buenos Aires

First of all, we would like to thank you for this opportunity. We live in a small rural town called Santo Domingo, in Maipú.

We are a total of eight kids from 4th, 5th and 6th grade and we make up a multi-grade class. Our parents and grandparents, along with their tales and experiences, have got us to love this place and its traditions. They and the school have been the ones to plant a seed on us that makes us dream about being veterinarians, filmmakers, criminologists, police officers or rural workers.

Instituto América Latina

(Escuela Secundaria con orientación en Arte)
Isidro Casanova – La Matanza, Provincia de Buenos Aires

Every year the students develop approximately 30 short films. We think it is crucial for community education to give audio- visual literacy a prominent place so we can have a leading role when it comes to our speech and the construction of meaning from a criti- cal perspective, questioning social representations that stigmatize us and are constantly reproduced in social media.

Argentine Catholic Association for Communication

Ana Mansilla Quevedo


As a communitarian cinema filmmaker, she collaborates with and takes part in several projects in slums. She also took part in Diálogos de cine, an online course by Cine Mundo Chico. She is a member of the Comisión de Infancias at Signis Argentina. And part of the Foro Audiovisual Bonaerense, where she centers on Audiovisual Accessibility perspective. She is a production assistant and art direction assistant for the short film Mal de ojos (2021), in edition stage.

Miguel Antonio Monforte


He is a filmmaker, a teacher and a researcher in cinema and audiovisual media. In 1993 he finished his first documentary film, Un largo 2 de abril. His extensive filmography includes the short documentary Vivir al margen (1996) and Piazzolla, íntimo y universal (2012), a medium-lenght film produced by the Piazzolla and the OSDE Foundation. El camino del padre Varetto (2019) and La tumba redimida (2019) are his most recent films. His work has achieved local, national and international recognition.

María Elisa Vidal


he is a Language and Literature secondary, high and special education teacher specialized in Education, Languages and Media from UNSAM. She collaborated with several publications. She is a member of the Signis Argentina executive committee and has been a juror at different festivals, such as: FICDH, Nueva Mirada, Divercine, Mar del Plata Film Festival, Pantalla Pinamar, Cine Migrante, Hacelo Corto and BAFICI. She has also been part of the Coordination Team for the Cine Mundo Chico project by Signis Argentina since 2012.

Argentine Network of Audiovisual Festivals and Exhibitions

RAFMA Award in memory of and dedicated to Edgardo “Pipo” Bechara El Khoury

The IMD is honored to pay homage to the fellow companion Edgardo “Pipo” Bechara El Khoury during the presentation of the RAFMA Award in this 19th edition of the FICDH. Next to Pipo, we have shared the twists and turns of the festival labor, with its passionate challenges and its relentless struggles. The intensity, commitment and trickster humour he brought to every project planted a fertile cinema seed we shall keep watering. In this edition, specially dedicated to migrant roots, we would like to remember him for his invaluable contribution to social cinema as a bridge connecting worlds. Farewell, Pipo!

Ivan Iannamico


He has a degree in Filmmaking and has worked in the audiovisual direction area for different companies, such as Lacsa, SerTV, Lagarto Cine and Concreto Films. He has made fictional and documental short films and has founded, along Carlos Dorna and José Sepúlveda, the production and distribution company Línea Sur Cine. The latter is where Línea Sur originated, a cinema workshop that has become an incubator for new filmmakers.

Eduardo Marún


He has an Arts degree from the Philosophy and Language and Literature Faculty, UBA. He is a teacher at UNTREF and the Director of EPA CINE, El Palomar International Independent Film Festival. He is the Programmer of Espacio INCAA El Palomar Cine Teatro Helios, Cineclub Helios and of the cinema seasons organized by the Asociación Cultural Toscana. He also runs workshops that seek to educate the audience and has collaborated with numerous cinema magazines.

Mario Durrieu


He has been the Director of FIDBA, International Documentary Film Festival Buenos Aires since 2012. He collaborates as programmer or part of the programming area in several festivals, such as Construir Cine, Pergamino Cine y SANFICI, in Santander, Colombia. He is a founding member of Observatorio, the first Ibero-American documentary cinema school, founded in 2002, And a Director of the Audiovisual Creation and Social Communication courses at Universidad Metropolitana, UMET.