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20th Ficdh / Schools

Finding Shade from the Blazing Sun

En qué sombra estar cuando el sol quema
Argentina, 2022, 8’25”, Docufiction
T: Human rights, Memory
D: Sofía Vázquez, Avril Vena, Julieta Diez, Eli Alves Da Costa, Axel Pereira, Gonzalo Maldonado, Sofía Acuña, Valentín Enchizo, Candela Alderete, Carla Rodríguez.

The docu-fiction “En qué sombra estar cuando el sol quema” centers on the investigation of a woman who was murdered in Argentina during police repression in the protests that took place on December 20th, 2001. A family secret comes to light when three kids want to know the story of their aunt.

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